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Boko Haram: Army


Boko Haram: Army Warns Perpetrators of Subversive

The Nigerian Army has noted with great concern the concerted
efforts by some unpatriotic elements to politicise and derail the
ongoing fight against terrorism and insurgency in the country.

This is manifested in the recent systematic releases and
recycling of old BHT propaganda video clips, old interviews of
disgruntled and cowardly soldiers, as well as false and inaccurate
news reports by some section of the media.

We regrettably further observed that the unscrupulous elements
are also perfecting strategy to rubbish the government’s efforts in
the provision of safety and security for her citizens. They are
determined to dampen troops’ morale especially in the North East,
so that the troops will become compromised against the war efforts
and complicate the security situation in the country for selfish
and cheap political gains and expediency.

We would like to reiterate that Nigeria is at war with Boko
Haram terrorists, in any form or guise that they may manifest and
strongly warn these subversive elements to desist from these
unwholesome efforts. We would like to warn that the Nigerian Army
will no longer tolerate these subversive acts and sabotage aimed at
dampening troops’ morale, affect their performance and to finally
abandon the war.

We will continue to monitor subversive propaganda and take
necessary action against perpetrators. The Nigerian Army will
remain undaunted in the successful prosecution of this war against
terrorism, insurgents, militants and bandits in the country.

In another development, the attention of the Nigerian Army has
been drawn to an old video clip circulating on the social media in
which a supposedly soldier clad with an AK-47 rifle alleging lack
of arms and ammunition, among other soldiers in a remote location
walking. This is not true, as the video was recorded in 2014 and
therefore cannot be a true reflection of the present reality. The
public are please requested to discontenance the video clip.

Brigadier General
Director Army Public Relations

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