GTCO, JAIZ, PRESCO Drive Intraday Loss on NGX


GTCO, JAIZ, PRESCO Drive Intraday Loss on NGX

The Nigerian Exchange (NGX) records an intraday loss as Equity investors are offloading shares in GTCO and Jaiz Bank among others.

In a midday report shared by Alpha Morgan Capital via email with clients, the investment firm said the equity market is currently trading downward after a negative close last week.

The price declines in PRESCO (-10.00%), JAIZBANK (-5.56%), MULTIVERSE (-4.55%), WAPIC (-4.44%), OANDO (-1.13%), and GTCO (0.21%) has dragged the All-share index 0.04% lower midday.

Trading data provided shows that Presco’s share price has declined by 10%, the maximum allowable movement per day – whether up or downside. Jaiz Bank has lost 5.56% of its opening price and Multiverse trades down 4.55%.

Also, WAPIC’s share price dips 4.44% while Oando trades 1.13% below the opening price and GTCO’s share price has declined 0.21%, according to midday trading data. READ: Banks Shares, MTNN Drive Intraday Rally on NGX

Overall, the Nigerian Exchange All Share Index (ASI) is down by 0.04% but there is an expectation that the local bourse could upturn the downward trend before the end of the trading session today. # GTCO, JAIZ, PRESCO Drive Intraday Loss on NGX
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